Pro-Per's expert teams have the abilities and skills that they can be utilized at specific stages of all kinds of energy projects, such as bidding, updating, engineering, installation & commissioning and startup. Pro-Per's installation & commissioning and startup team provides on-site support as part of the project solution and in some cases, collaborates with project management to identify and present project requirements.

It is very important to apply proper maintenance of energy production equipment, sustain high performance under current conditions, and avoid costly breakdowns that lead to revenue loss. Pro-Per offers a unique expertise for the maintenance of the rotating equipment, heavy-duty, gas and steam systems to keep gas turbines powered, to keep power plants and rotating equipment operational at the best performance levels.

With our expert staff consisting of experienced personnel and technical experts in consultancy and combined solutions, we build teams comprised of members who have technical knowledge and teamwork skills to create safe and effective results for our customers, and who have proved their competencies and skills in producing effective results, for small or large projects.