Gönen Özuysal

General Manager 

Abdullah Kurt

Business Development Manager

Born in Izmir/1973, English speaker.
  • 1997- Quality Engineer/Form Plastik
  • 1999- Quality Assurance Manager/Ozgur Lastik
  • 2001- Export Manager/Interlab
  • 2002- Export Manager/Subor
  • 2003- Field Services Manager/GTSI (Granite)
  • 2005- Country Leader/GTSI (Granite)
  • 2007- General Manager/Pro-Per

Started Pro-Per in 2007 as the General Manager

  • General Manager in Pro-Per
  • Responsible for Heavy Duty, Hydroelectric and Donaldson businesses

University Graduate – Mechanical Engineer/Yildiz Technical University





  Turkish Citizen and Ex-Turkish Air force member.

·       16 Years experience on Jet Engines, (J79, J85, F110)

·       Jet Engine Instructor

12 Years in GE :

·       FS Rep/Manager,

·       Contract Manager

·       Regional Performance Manager

Joined Pro-Per in 2010 as being the Business Development Mngr.


·       Business Development Manager in Pro-Per

·       Operation Manager in KSE / Botswana.

University Graduate – Business Administration

Married and has two children.


Orhan Çaşur

Technical Manager


Ayhan Dinçer

Service Manager

Turkish Citizen and Retired Turkish Air ferce member.

  • 22 Years experience on Jet Engines,(J79,F110)

7 Years in GE:

  • FS Supervisor
  • EHS Manager

Joined Pro-Per in 2008 as Founder.


  • Technical Manager in KSE / Botswana.
  • University Graduate - Business Administration



Ayhan Dincer is currently the head of the Hydro division of Pro-Per which is a seperate entity known as Pro-per Renewable Energy . Born in Denizli /Turkey in 1977. Married and has one kid.

Graduated from Osman Gazi University Electric/Electronic Faculty in Eskisehir and after having worked for 3 years in Telecummunication sector, he joined energy market with Bereket Enerji which is one of the pioneer companies in Turkey on Hydro Plants.

Ayhan Dincher who joined Pro-Per Renewable family back in 2009 as a shareholder completed and handed over more than 20 Hydro Plants. Ayhan gave consultancy services chosing the right equipment and fulfilled management position in projects, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance. He is also known as having a vast knowledge , experience  and the mastery on hydro plants.