PRO-PER  pushed the start button at BOTAS pumping station in Erzincan.

BOTAS pumping station located in Cayirli / Erzincan is being built to increase the NG pressure supplied by Iran from 40-45 bars to 70-75bars using 4 x THM 1304-12 model GT’s and 4 x RV50/03 radial compressors.


Installation process started back on June 3rd, 2012 with the placement of the first turbine on the foundation and then the others followed.



Technicas Reunidas (TR) out of Spain is the main contractor of the project and Pro-Per carried out the mechanical and electrical installation. Finally, the first group of the equipment of the project was first fired on May 15th , 2013.

Commissioning of the rest of the units  have been completed and handed over to BOTAS. With this pipeline, Iranian gas will be introduced to the usage of the consumers in Turkey, especially in Winter when the gas demand is at peak.