PRO-PER is a company in Energy sector, having had references in around 30 countries, as of today. Since founded in 2007, our main business strategy has been continuous growth in the market, taking careful steps for the tasks of responsibility, leading to a full customer satisfaction and zero tolerance to failure. 

Management team of PRO-PER has global experience in the energy manpower field for long years. Coming from both field and office management levels in international companies, they have completed many installation, operation and maintenance projects with their successful teams. 

Our core business is manpower services for installation, operation and maintenance of the power plants. By good result of the developments in the organization, we have signed representative and partnership agreements with global leaders of the sector. 

As PRO-PER, we work hard to keep expanding in the energy market. Our global partners give us the strength to go for continuous growth. Our people are the biggest strength we have with their perfect skills, technical knowledge, experience and attitude.