Mechanical Supervisor

Hello, I am a retired military personnel and I have been working at Pro-Per for 4 years. Pro-Per is an international company that renews itself each passing day, determines employee-oriented business policy, respects the rights of its employees, strictly follows the rules of occupational health and safety at work, making it a model not only at home country but also abroad. The administrative and executive bodies of the company have been professionally managed and the firm has achieved great success. The primary reason of working at Pro-Per is, as a pensioner, to contribute to the family income and labor force. Why Pro-Per? Working together with experienced persons who are experts on their field gives me great technical advantages and a peaceful work environment. At the same time, as a result of being an international company, we have the opportunity to work with different equipments, have different experiences, meet different societies and live in different cultures. Being a member of the Pro-Per family isn't just like being a member of an ordinary company, it's a privilege.